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New uniform for London football club Chelsea


Delivery for new title sponsor of the famous English team -Yokohama company.

Our specialists arranged the delivery during an excursion to the Hermitage


New Year holidays and a rich cultural program did not prevent ACEX Group from sending a time cargo

About main achievements of last year and plans for 2016


What global changes and business modernization does the company expect in the new year?

Miroslav Zolotarev on the cover of the “Human resources” magazine


The Head of ACEX Group shares secrets of successful top-management.

ACEX Ukraine Office Resumes its Activity


A new office of ACEX Group (ACEX Ukraine) will be located at the international airport Boryspil.

The Second Logistics Conference in Saint Petersburg


The event was attended by over 50 top-managers and heads of the biggest international transport companies and airlines.

An Extraordinary Cargo was Sent to EXPO MILANO-2015 for President Vladimir Putin's Visit.


ACEX Group и World Cargo sent the Core of the Earth to Milan

Acex Group is the Main Carrier for EXPO Milano 2015


"CARGO EXPRESS", the member of ACEX Group, and "World Cargo" Delivered the Best Russian Products to Italy Around the Clock.

ACEX Finland Sent “Swan Lake” on Tour


Cargo of incredible beauty and value was sent for an international tour thanks to ACEX Finland

The Most Needed Product was Sent from Finland to Australia


Woodworking machinery of the Finnish company <b>“Maaselän Kone Oy” </b>with thirty years’ experience enables to use in countries worldwide renewable resources for heating, cooking and, of courses, for warm hearth creation.

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