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Итоги года ACEX

ACEX companies sum up the results of the year not only in numbers, but also in specifically projects that were implemented during the period of joint partnership.

We set the goal to strengthen ACEX Group position on the internal and international market for 2018, and we succeeded! We are recognized, and our opinion is respected by experts, and it gives us the opportunity to expand our company, develop business, expand our clients’ portfolio, increase the volume of offered services,” - Miroslav Zolotarev, Board Director of the First Worldwide Logistics Alliance ACEX says.

Итоги года ACEXAccording to Denis Bobrakov, the commercial director of ACEX in Novorossiysk, the company took a step forward in the market of logistic organizations, thanks to its membership in the Alliance. ACEX helped to make the BSS brand more recognizable: participation in TransRussia exhibition, the Alliance conference in Sochi and Logitrans in Istanbul allowed them to attract new customers, and the good rates and service of the company helped in keeping the old ones.

Итоги года ACEX
Итоги года ACEX

In addition, Alliance representatives participated in exhibitions and conferences in Russia and abroad: own international conference in Sochi, the TransRussia Exhibition in Moscow, Logitrans in Turkey, forum in Japan, international partner groups’ conference in Hong Kong and South Africa, Technoprom in Novosibirsk, Innoprom in Yekaterinburg, TransBaltic in St. Petersburg.

ACEХ companies participated in several digital logistics forums in Moscow, presented the partners’ products in processes’ digitalization, and supported new projects, based on modern blockchain technologies. In addition to it, the leaders of the Alliance signed several cooperation memorandums with associations and organizations, such as IALBU and ICCTT.

This year, the Alliance representatives not only participated in exhibitions and conferences, but also expanded the company by opening a new ACEX office in Lithuania, which, according to Miroslav Zolotarev, should become a hub of the European goods’ consolidation for all ACEX companies.

Итоги года ACEX

“So ACEX office in Lithuania was open only this year, the main achievement for us is the launching of the company's continued operation,” - Edvinas Neverovskis, CEO of ACEX Lithuania says. “We have collected a base of targeted carrier contacts, we have found customers in China and European countries - we started working. Our company dispatches weekly cargoes from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Great Britain and China and, nowadays, more than 200 cargoes have reached their recipients”.

Итоги года ACEX

In addition, ACEX organizations launch a large number of new projects each year that contribute to the future work of the companies and the Alliance.

This year we could introduce bar-coding on regional freight shipments, we launched a service for quality customer informing,” - Ekaterina Malysheva, Deputy General Director of CARGO-EXPRESS  Moscow, sums up the year. Many projects are under development and will be available already early next year. "

This year we launched the cargo handling process at our own container terminal in Novorossiysk. Nowadays, the “Industrial” Terminal is open for customers with various needs - from simple cargo repacking to highly complex loads processing. The good news is that the market shows the demand for terminal services. The company plans to continue expanding the range of services provided in the Russian and international logistics markets,” - Airat Bilalov, general director of ACEX Kazan said.

Итоги года ACEX
Итоги года ACEX

Итоги года ACEXThis year there were big changes in our company: we moved to the new office, which we looked after several years ago, and also opened our own Class A warehouse that is at a state-of-the-art level,” - Nikita Kovalevsky, CEO of ACEX in Finland says. "It allowed us to handle a bigger amount of cargo for our regular and new customers. The company has its own fleet handling inside Finland. "

One of the 2018 trends was the Alliance development in the Chinese sector, where ACEX was the first company in Russia who launched the project of consolidated air cargo delivery with the help of Chinese partners. The direction of railway delivery of containers and groupage cargoes actively develop in China.

Итоги года ACEX

Eduard Kasnapuu, CEO of ACEX Estonia, considers this year quite productive for his company. “This year we have increased the volumes of Komatsu equipment in the Russian Federation and have established logistics in Europe for a partner in Germany,” - Eduard says.

“We are proud that we could increase the number of customers; our company established more active interaction with the Alliance members: CARGO-EXPRESS, Optima Freight, MIG Express,” Evgeny Apasov, CEO of ACEX in St. Petersburg said. 

Export development has also become a trend of 2018: ACEX has strengthened its position in the Russian Export Center as an authorized partner, and Alliance representatives began to work at the Moscow Export Center, where they held a series of seminars for export-oriented companies in Moscow with colleagues from the Russian-Chinese Chamber that want to enter the Chinese market.

Итоги года ACEXI became the regional coach of the REC Export School, and during the year I conducted four trainings,” - Andrey Smirnov, General Director of ACEX in Tolyatti says. “In parallel with this, our colleagues in Tolyatti provided the expedition of several deliveries of export cargo from our region to two African countries; the volume of freight traffic from Brazil and China increased. We made many of these shipments in partnership with other ACEX Alliance members from Moscow and Novorossiysk.”

Итоги года ACEX

Azat Mulgimov, general director of Air Charter Service, notes that the main goal that the company had set this year - to surpass the results of the previous period, was accomplished. The results of work in 2018 exceeded the results of 2017 by 25%.

Итоги года ACEXThe Dog’s year delivered benefits. The volume of cargo transportation increased by 10%, that’s why the company’s staff expanded by 30%. We have signed contracts with three new air carriers, which allows us to provide our customers with a wider choice of services,”- Lerman Osmanov, head of ACEX Ukraine representative office, shares his company's results.

Итоги года ACEXIn general, the year was interesting and stable, and it also brought three young employees to our team. There were and there are interesting projects and new clients, new partners appeared,” - Maria Moskvicheva, general director of ACEX in Rostov-on –Don says.

According to Miroslav Zolotarev, the Alliance main goal for 2019 is to become a recognized leader in the logistics services market in the export direction, and to achieve concerted efforts of all group divisions as the integral whole, in air, road, sea, railway transportation, customs clearance.

Great importance and attention will be paid to the development of the companies’ sales system, which was successfully launched in 2018, with the creation of Alliance development department and the formation of a client department within ACEX. Alliance companies will not stop at what they have achieved: expanding the circle of partners and participants in the group, working on the development and IT technologies implementation, expanding the client portfolio, improving the quality of service, and as a result, achieving at least two-fold financial growth are the main goals that ACEX set for the coming year. 

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