ACEX Finland Sent “Swan Lake” on Tour



Cargo of incredible beauty and value “Wings of white and black swan” (delicate and weightless ballet skirts made of natural feather and silk, precious diadems, rich ballet costumes and decoration paintings) was entrusted by the stars of classical ballet to ACEX in Finland.

“The Saint Petersburg ballet theatre is an outstanding successor of a great Russian tradition,” speak such competent international publications as the “Times”, “Daily Telegraph”, “Guardian” about the Saint Petersburg Ballet Theatre founded by Konstantin Tachkin.

The Saint Petersburg Ballet Theatre was founded in 1994. It is known as one of the most famous troupes of classical theatre in the world. The theater is located in the very heart of Saint Petersburg, in Liteyny prospect. Its repertoire includes such masterpieces of the world choreography as “Giselle” by A.Adan, “Don Quixote”, “Bayadere” and “Pachyta” by L. Minkus, “Swan lake”, “Nutcracker”, “Sleeping beauty” by P. Chaikovsky, “Shopeniana”, “Romeo and Juliet” by S.Prokofiev and others. Annually SPBT makes in average 200-250 performances having visited six continents. Making its performances at the best stages such as the famous Coliseum and the Royal Albert Hall in London, the theatre of Champs Elysees and the Congress Palace in Paris, the Bunkamura Hall in Tokyo, the National theatre in Taipei and the National theatre in Beijing, the Saint Petersburg Ballet theatre is keeping the focus of attention.

The international ballet tour 2014/2015 takes place in several continents from Finland to Australia. During the season the troupe will make performances with their “visiting card” - the ballet “Swan Lake” in several hundreds of cities. In May 2015 the SPBT went on 8 weeks tour around South Africa, Singapore and Australia with the ballets “Swan Lake”, “Giselle” and “Don Quixote”. In Singapore the Russian troupe made a performance for the first time.

Балет 1.png балет 2.png балет 3.pngThe theatre tour is scheduled minute by minute just for years. And the alliance members who participated in the transportation did not have the right for mistake. The props of the ballet “Swan Lake” followed through the Russian and the Finnish boundary by truck. ACEX Finland had to receive the props in the airport of Helsinki, quickly process 386 items under ATA CARNET and on May 1 for sure send them to Singapore.

ATA CARNET” is a very specific document,” comments Nikita Kovalevsky, the head of ACEX Finland, “In spite of the fact that the procedure is standard for the transport company the process is quite difficult because it is necessary to agree all data in the documents. Any mistake may cause cargo detention while the boundary crossing. The preparation for this transportation was thorough not only because of the cargo specificity but also because of a number of items,” comments Nikita Kovalevsky.

At present moment the cargo was successfully sent, the theatre tour is going on according to the schedule and making great success.    

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