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The athletes will feel themselves warm and comfortably in the Olympic Games mountains in Sochi


The modernized climatic equipment was delivered specially for transport of the Sochi Olympic Games 2014.

International cargo-alliance WFA has enlarged with a new representative in Europe - ACEX Finland


This year the 9th Conference of the World Freight Alliance, gathering annually the largest logistic operators of America, Europe and Asia in various points of the world, took place in the "Windy City" - Chicago.

ACEX Group specialists take part in the development of a logistician profession standard


Head of ACEX Group Department at Domodedovo Airport Vitaly Androsov took part in the state program of the Ministry of Labour

ACEX Group delivers Russian lasers all over the world


Well-known Russian lasers of the largest manufacturer of gas-discharge equipment are delivered to 36 countries of the world.

ACEX arranged delivery of a new drug against viruses and allergy from Japan


Japanese invisible respirators will protect Russians from allergy, flu and ARD

ACEX Group creates visible benefits for visually impaired clients


Large lot of optical glasses and frames for Russian retirees, sportsmen, fishers and drivers is delivered by Cargo Express Company, member of ACEX Group

ACEX Group delivers the most “eco-friendly” wheels in the world


ACEX Group delivered the exhibition wheel of more than two meters height and weighing more than 880 kg specifically for the world’s largest manufacturer of tires, the Yokohama RUS company

ACEX Group Delivers CAT Excavators to the Kyzyl Kum Desert


Specialists of ACEX Estonia have transferred Caterpillar equipment from Belgium to Uzbekistan by road, sea and rail transport

ACEX Group has helped to Light the Flame of the Universiade 2013 in Kazan


The way across the ocean from Australia to the Republic of Tatarstan was overcome to light the main symbol of Student Games – the Flame of the Universiade

ACEX Estonia Continues to Multimodal Delivery of the World’s Largest Excavators


67 tons of CAT construction machinery successfully arrived from Belgium and Holland in Central Asia

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