ACEX news

ACEX News: Feel the Pulse of the Coronavirus


The situation in the logistics world is not easy, but ACEX continues to work normally, processing customer requests.

German Transportation at Delicious Russian Rates


ACEX Lithuania offers to come out of quarantine with a great mood and pleasant prices for truck delivery from Germany to Russia.

Why is the Export of Groupage Cargo more Popular than Air Freight?


Today, in logistics, the service for export transportation of groupage cargo by various modes of transport is becoming more popular

Let’s Fly to India


Quarantine measures for air cargo transportation from/to India are becoming more "gentle".

Vietnam – Vorsino – Customs Warehouse


ACEX offers to choose the company’s current offer and order the railway transportation of full containers from Vietnam by accelerated trains through the Vorsino station to temporary customs warehouses and free economic zones in the Russian Federation.

ACEX Helps to Identify the Infected with COVID-19


The company is engaged in transportation of x-ray machines and other medical equipment that are necessary to fight the pandemic.

Proton-Electrotex Chooses ACEX


ACEX representatives have been actively involved for 16 years and help resolve emerging logistics challenges.

Alternative to High Rates and Queues


Today, ACEX experts tell about the main changes in logistics and advise the best way of transportation in the global crisis.

Building Capitals Together


ACEX and BAUTRADE jointly construct the capitals

We are treated without VAT


The Government of the Russian Federation consistently leads to simplification of import of medical goods.

Logistics on the Quarantine. ACEX in Fight against the Coronavirus.


An unexpected "gift" for the Chinese New Year in the form of a coronavirus made the whole world nervous.

Don't be afraid, we are with you!


ACEX continues to operate in normal mode from March 30 to April 5, 2020.

TransRussia 2020, a Hyve event: ACEX – Partner of Air Session


The 25th international exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies TransRussia will be held On August 25-27, 2020

TransRussia 2020, a Hyve event: ACEX – Partner of the Exhibition "Air Freight"


The 25th international exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies TransRussia will be held On August 25-27, 2020

ACEX does not leave own clients in difficult situations


Today, the situation in the world is getting worse every day.

Desktop Logistician's Guide from ACEX


The ACEX marketing team is developing a useful logistics book for cargo owners.



Nowadays, the coronavirus has already captured 43 119 people. Every day, ACEX partners from China ask for the fastest solution for sending medical masks to China.

Trends in Logictics 2020


Miroslav Zolotarev, ACEX Board Director, told the PRO BUSINESS TV Channel about today’s trends in the development of the cargo transportation industry in Russia.

Documents are Never too Much


Changes in using the shipping documentation for export cargo sending

ACEX about marketplaces


Ways for Russian companies to enter foreign markets through marketplaces

Royal Cargoes are Trusted to ACEX


The rating of unusual and memorable projects of ACEX in 2019 has been supplemented by another significant transport on a Royal scale.

Logistics consulting from ACEX




Groupage cargo in containers from China through Europe to Russia

ACEX at “Dream Island” Project


In 2020, the first in Russia and Europe's largest indoor theme park " Dream Island" will open in Moscow.

ACEX in new year's TV shows on the TV channel PRO BUSINESS TV


We wish the year 2020 will be successful and productive for everybody!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


We wish you to set new goals that you have never reached before and to achieve them in 2020.

ACEX is accredited by REC


ACEX is accredited by REC as a reliable partner in the areas of "Logistics services", "Customs clearance".

Eastern Gate of Export Ppportunities


The market of the PRC is becoming one of the main markets for Russian companies participating in foreign trade.

Miroslav Zolotarev in the review for Forbes Russia magazine


Miroslav Zolotarev in the review for Forbes Russia magazine "The Failed Сourse: Why Import Substitution did not Realise Expectations".

Catch the moment before Christmas time – groupage cargo for 7 days!


Catch the moment to deliver groupage cargo from Europe to Moscow for 7 days!

ACEX about Fulfillment


E-Commerce sooner or later faces the problem of having a room for storing goods

Offer from ACEX


If you have already frozen, this "hot" ACEX promotion is special for you

About Sea Freight Transport With ACEX


Freight transport is the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods and cargo.

Certification Details Of Goods Exported From Russia To China


The market of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for Russia is one of the main markets.

ACEX Santa Claus is delivering gifts!


Before the New year every child and adult dreams of a miracle, makes wishes and waits for gifts.

Miroslav Zolotarev in the program «Technologies for Business»


Watch us on October, 27 and 31 at

ACEX Crosses Boundaries


20 years’ experience, 37 Alliance members, Global network of agents in more than 200 countries of the world

Special Offer


In case of air transportation of dangerous goods (export) departing from Domodedovo, registration of Declaration for dangerous goods is free of charge.

100% knowledge of fulfillment at CeMAT-2019


On September 24, representatives of companies related to e-Commerce took an active part in the panel session "Open dialogue on fulfillment industry in Russia" in the conference hall №1 "Big arena" of Crocus Expo pavilion.

News about Terminal Cargo Handling at Sheremetyevo Airport


In September 2018, Aeroflot changed the scheme of calculation and payment for terminal processing at Sheremetyevo airport

Much to exhibit


Reveal the exhibition behind the scenes: who, how and what adventures with exhibition cargo transportation

What is IATA


Has anyone heard of IATA? Probably everybody .... because this organization plays an important role in air transportation.

What goods are transported by air?


The manufacturer, exporter, company’s employee - participant of foreign trade is not always clear from which side to approach the issue of organization of cargo transportation and how to start sending goods abroad if it is necessary.

Safe delivery: life hacks or “know your partner”


The companies participating in the international logistics alliance ACEX shared customer service approaches.

ACEX – Exhibitor of the Largest World Exhibition Transport Logistic-2019


The international exhibition Transport Logistic-2019, which has been the center of the “haute couture” for logistics technologies, transport and supply chains since 1978, was held from 4 to 7 June in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, Germany.

Live Report from the Largest International Logistics Exhibition


Right now in the southern capital of Germany, Munich, the international transport exhibition Transport Logistic 2019 starts.

From St. Petersburg to Macau to the GFFG, CCA conference


The 2nd Joint (14th Annual International GFFG and 18th CCA Conference) welcomed the logisticians from more than 25 countries from 13 to 15 May in Macau.

Less Documents – Less Expenses


How to reduce your costs by arranging the cargoes with the least number of papers - ACEX experts reveal secrets 100 times drove - 100 times filled the declaration.

ACEX LT Breaks Standarts


ACEX Lithuania is a reliable carrier of the consolidated cargo from Europe to Russia.

ACEX Knows New Export Level


АCEX participated in the conference aiming to help Russian companies to enter new foreign markets.

New Center of Electronic Declaration


First declaration of goods was issued by Moscow Regional Customs office (The Center of Electronic Declaration) on the 29th of January.

ACEX Results of the Year


ACEX sums up the results of the year not only in numbers, but also in specifically projects that were implemented during the year.

ACEX Finland is your Logistics Partner


WFA Member and IATA Agent offers a one-stop shop for your cargo.

Weight in Currency


What is the paid weight and how can be correctly counted the transport cost?  

Customs transit


What, how and who can transport cargo without paying duties

Responsible is the One who Сarries


Who, when and how much will pay for the lost or damaged cargo

Export Customs Clearance Fee is Cancelled since September 4th in Russia


At the beginning of September the Federal Law of the Russian Federation started to be in operation 

Special Cargo Needs Special Requirements


How to Deliver Diplomatic Cargo 

To Take an Air-freighter or to Book a Charter. That is the Question


What the Experts Pay Attention to Choosing the Flight for the Cargo Transportation? 

The Russian Export Center Recommends the Delivery through ACEХ Group


ACEX Group is an accredited partner of REC and a reliable supply contractor of logistics services, which gives us certain advantages in dealing with exporters. 

Center of Multimodal Logistics is in the Reliable Hands of ACEX


Miroslav Zolotarev has been appointed as head of the Multimodal Logistics Center of the Russian-Chinese Chamber.

Mission: possible – Work with the Oversized Cargo


Each transportation has its own characteristics, and there is no universal solution for everyone, especially when we speak about oversized cargo.

ACEX Samara is in the Heart of Innovations


АСЕХ member in Samara and Ulyanovsk regions, this year is aimed at disclosing the export potential of small and medium-sized companies.

How to Pack Cargo and Avoid Additional Expenses


Look through the requirements to the package of different transportation types and also special aspects of auto and air transportation

Photo Works of the Iconic Contest Were Delivered to Yekaterinburg


Works of World Press laureates were taken to Yeltsin Center by the representative of the Alliance in Yekaterinburg

Logistics for exporters from ACEX in Samara region


Andrew Smirnov, general director of ACEX in Samara and Ulyanovsk regions, organized the training entitled “Logistics for exporters” for representatives of business of the Samara region.

New Office and Warehouse of ACEX in Finland Started its Operations


The high-tech warehouse, class A, of 1200 sq.m and 10 m high and new modern office of 260 sq.m started its operations in Helsinki - ACEX Representative in Finland (Optima Freight Oy).

How to Send Cargo from China to Russia


ACEX employees had to ship nine types of molds for spare parts of all a well-known VAZ-21214 “Niva” along the familiar route from China to Samara.

4th ACEX Conference will Take Place in Sochi


Logistic companies from Russia will represent their capacities to the partners all around the world.

ACEX SIA Participated in TransRussia 2018


Participation in the international exhibition let to develop new business projects

How to Send Railway Carriage, Road Trains and Other Cargo by Sea?


Consignors often meet such questions. It is difficult to organize delivery if export is not the main type of their activity.

Protect your Cargo with Insurance


How to prepare an insurance certificate that will guarantee you insurance payment.

Three Letters that Gain Customers’ Trust


Why EAC is important for customers and what is the meaning of the abbreviation.

ACEX Easily Ships Cargo to Any Destination


The group of companies’ international network assists all around the world.

Ministry of Culture approved export of the historical symbol of Brazil


A successful project of transportation of the work of art was implemented by ACEX Saint Petersburg.

Happy Women's Day!


Men of ACEX Group from around the world congratulated beautiful ladies on the International Women's Day.

What Freights are Going by Plane


Based on practical experience of managers of the company with the 25 year experience in airfreight.

How to Handle Dangerous Goods Safely and Profitably


ACEX experts created a simple procedure of handling dangerous cargo.

Forwarders Speak about the Project of the Year 2017


Companies’ top managers highlighted the most prominent projects of the outgoing year.

ACEX Group Representatives summed up the results of 2017


ACEX summed up the results of the outgoing year and set goals for 2018.

Russian Sportsmen will Eat Fruit Grown in Peru Soon


ACEX Moscow arranges import of plants grown in Peru for the sports nutrition stores.

ACEX Experts Provide the Middle East with Dolce Vita


Residents of Vietnam prefer Russian sweets to the traditional coconut dessert and the Japanese refuse to eat sashimi and choose black caviar.

Crane Tower that Weighs 100 t and 50 m High was packaged as General Cargo


The loading of the crane with  35 meter Telescopic boom took around 9 days.

What can be used both in the Desert and in the Arctic?


ACEX Yekaterinburg ships pipeline diagnostic equipment by air around the world.

ACEX Yekaterinburg Keeps Magadan Charged


9 tons of equipment for a power supply company was shipped by the company’s representatives in Yekaterinburg.

Russian Goods Soon will Appear in German IKEA


ACEX Group experts implemented a project related to the transportation of a pilot batch of ceramic pots to Europe.

Six Degrees of Separation Theory Tested by ACEX Group


Wind lidars were delivered to Seoul.

Egyptian Tycoons Prefer Trusted Freight Forwarders


10000 US dollars is the price of one of the most expensive tables that was shipped for an Egyptian businessman for ACEX agent in Cairo.

Successful Project on Driving Trucks in Off-Road of the Central Asia


Transportation of the trucks to the Central Asia has enlarged the list of projects implemented by ACEX Kazan.

Extreme Sports in Logistics. Advice from the Experienced


We've offered the Group members to share their experience and advice on how to spend time safely but with lots of fun and positive emotions.

Cargo from a World of Fantasy


ACEX Rostov-on Don enlarged the private collection in Washington with a creature from The Lord of the Rings saga.

Turnkey Transportations by Cargo-Express


ACEX Group expands the industrial equipment transportation geography

ACEX Develops Russian Aromamarketing in Asia


ACEX Moscow arranged export for one of its customers.

ACEX Members Provided Exhibitions with Chemical Equipment


Analyzer, nanohardness tester and infrared spectrometer are in the list of equipment delivered at the professional exhibitions.

ACEX Transported Liebherr Wheel Loader in Three Languages


Joint project of ACEX and Schipco Dalian is successfully accomplished during May holidays

Historic Treasures from Bulgaria Arrived to Red Square


CARGO-EXPRESS, ACEX member in Moscow has delivered exhibits to the State Historical Museum for the 140th anniversary of the Russian-Turkish War for the Liberation of Bulgaria.

ACEX Celebrated Its Birthday at Carting and Participated in Team-Building


On June 4 ACEX specialists celebrated the company birthday in the country club located in Moscow region.

ACEX Members Delivered Subaru with Ceramic Tile


ACEX in Moscow and in Novorossiysk can cope with any cargo put into container.

Transport Logistic Munich. Perception of the Russian Business


This year became the first experience of ACEX Group representing the Russian business at the world's greatest fair.

Memorandum about Transcontinental Logistic Partnership was Signed in Munich


The round-table “International TranslogisticPartnership” took place on May 11 within the framework of the Transport Logistic in Munich.

ACEX Invites to Visit Russian Booth at Transport Logistic in Munich!


The biggest logistics exhibition will be held in Munich on May 9-12.

Russian-Made Wallpapers were Considered Work of Art in UAE


ACEX Group delivered designer wallpapers to Beirut

Transport Logistic in Munich will Open Russian Logistics to the World


ACEX will present a joint booth of the Russian logistics at the main European exhibition in Munich.

ACEX Group Favours Development of Textile Industry in Russia


Belgian weaving machines guarantee high quality of products.

Excavator Loading into Container Lasted 7 Days


ACEX Estonia delivers not only new construction equipment but also used machines.

ACEX Group Sent over 800 Books for Private Library


Multimodal department organized an unusual delivery from Russia to Germany.

Season in Thailand is Open for Both Tourists and Air Cargo Companies


ACEX was among the first five forwarders having booked the cargo on the resumed flight of Thai Airways.

ACEX Estonia Got the Contract They Tried to Sign during Half a Year


ACEX Estonia won a tender for delivery of Volvo construction equipment from different countries of the world in the direction of Central Asia.

ACEX Knows how to Equip Galley on Vessel


CARGO EXPRESS, the member of ACEX, easily creates special loading schemes for diversified cargo

ACEX Delivery Project will Help Resuscitation Patients


12 tons of resuscitation beds for the Irkutsk regional hospital were delivered by CARGO EXPRESS (member of ACEX).

АСЕХ First Transportations in 2017 – from Helicopters to Khokhloma


How did АСЕХ members start the year of 2017 and which transportations became the first ones?

ACEX (Novorossiysk) Sent 5 Containers with Vodka to Laos


Five containers with vodka and small glasses as a present traveled from Ulyanovsk to Laos via Spain.

ACEX Group Delivered Mi-17 Helicopter Simulator to Indonesia


The Russian full-flight simulator was sent to the Aviation training center in Indonesia by ACEX (Saint Petersburg).

Russian 3D Atraction Took Part in Exhibition in USA


CARGO-EXPRESS, member of ACEX Group, and MIG Express, USA, accomplished the project on transportation of the Russian 3D attraction.

ACEX Group Handled Diplomatic Cargo for one of the Embassies in Moscow


"The property of the country N" is successfully delivered to the Consular department of the Embassy in Moscow by ACEX Group

Boeing Engines Flew on their Own for Maintenance


ACEX Group delivered oversized cargo consisting of two Boeing engines from Moscow to Amsterdam by road.

ACEX Group Delivers Humanitarian Aid to Tundra


Medical equipment was delivered to Salekhard by ACEX Group in aid of anthrax victims.

ACEX Group Wins in the Airfreight Nomination “The Biggest tonnage”


CARGO EXPRESS (member of ACEX Group) was awarded with a Golden disk in the airfreight nomination “The biggest tonnage” at the tenth anniversary of “FF Cargo Service.

The biggest sapphire, weighting 300 kg, was sent by ACEX Group


The crystal of artificial sapphire, grown under proprietary technology of the producer, is one of the biggest crystals in the world.

ACEX Group won the “TOP agent of Emirates” prize for the fifth time.


ACEX Group (CARGO EXPRESS) was nominated the best agent of Emirates following the results of 2014-2015.

New uniform for London football club Chelsea


Delivery for new title sponsor of the famous English team -Yokohama company.

Our specialists arranged the delivery during an excursion to the Hermitage


New Year holidays and a rich cultural program did not prevent ACEX Group from sending a time cargo

About main achievements of last year and plans for 2016


What global changes and business modernization does the company expect in the new year?

Miroslav Zolotarev on the cover of the “Human resources” magazine


The Head of ACEX Group shares secrets of successful top-management.

ACEX Ukraine Office Resumes its Activity


A new office of ACEX Group (ACEX Ukraine) will be located at the international airport Boryspil.

The Second Logistics Conference in Saint Petersburg


The event was attended by over 50 top-managers and heads of the biggest international transport companies and airlines.

An Extraordinary Cargo was Sent to EXPO MILANO-2015 for President Vladimir Putin's Visit.


ACEX Group и World Cargo sent the Core of the Earth to Milan

Acex Group is the Main Carrier for EXPO Milano 2015


"CARGO EXPRESS", the member of ACEX Group, and "World Cargo" Delivered the Best Russian Products to Italy Around the Clock.

ACEX Finland Sent “Swan Lake” on Tour


Cargo of incredible beauty and value was sent for an international tour thanks to ACEX Finland

The Most Needed Product was Sent from Finland to Australia


Woodworking machinery of the Finnish company <b>“Maaselän Kone Oy” </b>with thirty years’ experience enables to use in countries worldwide renewable resources for heating, cooking and, of courses, for warm hearth creation.

New Way of Cargo Transportation from India to Russia


One of the world leaders among tyre producers for special-purpose means of transport is Balkrishna industries Limited (BKT).

ACEX Group Becomes the “Hero” of Emirates Airlines for the Fourth Time


The fourth in a row “TOP agent award” was presented to our company. Since 2009 CARGO-EXPRESS, the member of ACEX Group.

“Precious” Cargo was Delivered with Maximum Care


Russian powder metallurgy factory is known all over the world as a producer of chrome, molybdenum and tungsten which are used in aviation, cosmonautics, medicine and oil production.

Russian Airfreight Market is Entering Turbulent Zone


Miroslav Zolotarev, the Head of ACEX Alliance, gave an interview to the RZD-Partner magazine. He commented on the results of 2014 for the airline companies and their strategy for 2015.

ACEX Shares its Customs Experience with Exporters in Russia


Alexey Lipatov told the exporters about customs clearance opportunities in Russia.

ACEX Group Shared its Professional Experience with Participants of “STL-2014”


Transportation of musical instruments for the Dutch Royal Orchestra - difficulties and solutions.

No Chicken was Harmed in the Transportation


7 thousand of breedy chickens were delivered from Moscow to Almaty safe and sound

Import Substitution – an Escape or a Trap?


Participants of International innovation forum in Saint Petersburg found an answer to this question.

The Most Interesting and Challenging Business-cases of ACEX Group will be Presented at the Exhibition “STL-2014”


Alexandra Chagina, the Head of airfreight department, ACEX Group, will tell about “The best practices and success stories”

Customs Clearance within Two Hours


New solutions in aviation export and import customs clearance

ACEX Group Became a Member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia


Miroslav Zolotarev was invited to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a Logistics committee member

ACEX Group Organized the 1st Worldwide Logistics Conferense


More than 60 foreign businessmen from 25 countries arrived in Moscow for business development

Russian Logistics Beyond the Politics


More than 60 of the world's largest logistics companies will meet Russian businessmen in Moscow on 13-14 September

Participation in the “Interlogistika-2014” Conference in Moscow


ACEX Board Director is participating in the meeting of top managers of logistics industry

All Roads Lead to the Crimea


New delivery ways to the peninsula are mastered by Russian forwarders.

Life Responsibility Load Laid down on the Shoulders of ACEX


Transportation of rare animals listed in the Red Book, was successful

Foreign Forwarders are Coming to Moscow to Study the Peculiarities of Russian Logistics


The first Russian logistics Alliance ACEX was presented at the Worldwide Cargo Marketing conference in Hong Kong.

Head of ACEX Group multimodal transport department Aleksey Lipatov gave an interview to the magazine "RZD-Partner"


Company expert told about the modernization and updaiting of freight vehicle fleet

Transport mass media gives comments on creation of a logistics alliance ACEX


Head of the Alliance Miroslav Zolotarev told Publishing Company "Gudok" about purposes and structure of the Associated Cargo Experts alliance

Partnerships and alliances are the future of small and medium businesses development


The idea of creating of the logistics companies' Alliance was supported on the International Conference "Trans Russia 2014"

Participation in the II Eurasian Conference «Logistics in Russia: cooperation and technologies of development»


Congress of leading Russian logistics companies with participation of international guests, experts and the Ministry of Transport took place in the Russian Chamber of Commerce.

ACEX delivers national arts around the world


ACEX specialists shipped a ton of russian matryoshkas abroad

Foreign forwarders are interested in the Russian Transport Alliance


Representatives of 30 foreign independent companies, members of the international air freight forwarders association, are ready to come to Russia in September to visit the first ACEX Alliance conference

TRANSRUSSIA-What changes are waiting for russian logistics in 2014-2015?


On the 23rd of April Miroslav Zolotarev will speak about that changes at the International Conference on Transport and Logistics TransRussia 2014

Famous fast food network becomes faster


ACEX experts deliver to Russia special devices for making the orders faster in the fast food restaurants.

Tanks are not afraid of the cargo


Eduard Kasnapuu provides expert interview with the magazine RZD-partner about transportation in tank containers

Project cargoes: simply about complicated issues


Vitaly Апаликов, Head of oversized and project cargoes ACEX Group, gave an interview to the business magazine Container business

ACEX Group presents opening of the First Russian worldwide logistics Alliance


The presentation of ACEX Alliance will be held on the 13 February at the XVII Moscow International Logistics Forum (MMFL-2014).

"Black gold" of Kazakhstan is now under control


Modern technological equipment specially designed for the control and exploitation of oil and gas is delivered to the major oil-producing regions of Kazakhstan.

New sport equipment has been revealed in Almaty


Reebok Crossfit Brute Force together with ACEX take care of Almatians’ health and mood

The athletes will feel themselves warm and comfortably in the Olympic Games mountains in Sochi


The modernized climatic equipment was delivered specially for transport of the Sochi Olympic Games 2014.

International cargo-alliance WFA has enlarged with a new representative in Europe - ACEX Finland


This year the 9th Conference of the World Freight Alliance, gathering annually the largest logistic operators of America, Europe and Asia in various points of the world, took place in the "Windy City" - Chicago.

ACEX Group specialists take part in the development of a logistician profession standard


Head of ACEX Group Department at Domodedovo Airport Vitaly Androsov took part in the state program of the Ministry of Labour

ACEX Group delivers Russian lasers all over the world


Well-known Russian lasers of the largest manufacturer of gas-discharge equipment are delivered to 36 countries of the world.

ACEX arranged delivery of a new drug against viruses and allergy from Japan


Japanese invisible respirators will protect Russians from allergy, flu and ARD

ACEX Group creates visible benefits for visually impaired clients


Large lot of optical glasses and frames for Russian retirees, sportsmen, fishers and drivers is delivered by Cargo Express Company, member of ACEX Group

ACEX Group delivers the most “eco-friendly” wheels in the world


ACEX Group delivered the exhibition wheel of more than two meters height and weighing more than 880 kg specifically for the world’s largest manufacturer of tires, the Yokohama RUS company

ACEX Group Delivers CAT Excavators to the Kyzyl Kum Desert


Specialists of ACEX Estonia have transferred Caterpillar equipment from Belgium to Uzbekistan by road, sea and rail transport

ACEX Group has helped to Light the Flame of the Universiade 2013 in Kazan


The way across the ocean from Australia to the Republic of Tatarstan was overcome to light the main symbol of Student Games – the Flame of the Universiade

ACEX Estonia Continues to Multimodal Delivery of the World’s Largest Excavators


67 tons of CAT construction machinery successfully arrived from Belgium and Holland in Central Asia

SULZER CHEMTECH sends oil and gas equipment with ACEX


ACEX Russia started cooperation with SULZER CHEMTECH company on transportation of corrosion-proof strips from steel party from India to Russia

ACEX Estonia successfully carried out “Dialogue with Soldiers of the Emperor Qin"


ACEX Estonia sent exhibitions of sculptures "Dialogue with soldiers of the emperor Qin", which has finished its tour in Europe and China, to Georgia by the sea

Airlines company Emirates Airlines has once again highly appreciated cooperation with CARGO EXPRESS


Emirates Airlines expressed gratitude to the Russian branch of ACEX holding as to the leading TOP AGENT

ACEX Group together with POLA helps Russian women to be more beautiful


An international freight forwarding company ACEX Group has successfully completed a regular air transportation of elite cosmetics POLA weighing about 3.5 tons from Japan to Russia.

ACEX Group became a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


In June ACEX Estonia, which is the part of ACEX Group, has become a competent member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI), indicating a serious and stable development, as well as consolidation the company's position in the Baltic countries.

ACEX Company Conducted Its First Order For International Corporation Outotec


New partner of ACEX ranked 12th in the Global 100 list of the world's most sustainable companies

ACEX Group brought Charlie Chaplin to Paris


Transportation of a unique collection of videos and photos from the great actor and producer personal archives was entrusted to our company.

American helicopter was sailed to Russia


 New helicopter model sent by sea to Tallinn was successfully delivered to Moscow

Our company is the best Emirates TOP Agent


Emirates Airlines prestigious TOP Agent award is granted to our specialists the 2nd year in a row (2009-2010 and 2011-2012)

ACEX Group provoked interest of the largest Mass Media in Baltics


The article devoted to ACEX Estonia branch opening was printed in an edition of 60 000 copies in the most famous Baltic issue Ӓripӓev.

ACEX Group presentation in Prague impressed international forwarders


ACEX Group successfully presented the interests of the logistics market in Russia, CIS and Finland during the 8th World Freight Alliance Conference (WFA).

ACEX Group expands its service borders in the Northern capital


New ACEX Branch of sea freight and heavy lift deliveries started its operation in Saint Petersburg in October.

ACEX Group visited the largest air show in Berlin ILA-2012


Top managers of Russian and Finnish ACEX branches participated in the exhibition business program - the 5th Congress of Transport Aviation.

ACEX Ukraine goes to the East


New road routes from Europe to Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, the eastern regions of Russia and other neighboring countries will be based on tripartite permission.

In ACEX Group new team leader of Ukranian department


«ACEX Group», international freight forwarding company, announces the appointment of Sergei Chaika the Managing director of representative office in Kiev.

Transportation of large capacity vehicles from Estonia to Kazakhstan


In April ACEX Estonia, which is a part of the holding company ACEX Group, has successfully implemented a rail delivery of the first batch of construction equipment.

6000 tons of pipe equipment have been delivered to natural gas field "Aksaraiskiy"


An international project delivery for the largest natural gas field had been carrying out simultaneously from three countries by sea, rail and road transport.

ACEX – Official Customs Broker for “TRANSRUSSIA” Exhibition


in this capacity ACEX Group would be presented on the main logistics exhibition in Eastern Europe – TransRussia 2012.

ACEX Group registered a new office in Estonia


A new representative office in Tallinn expands the boundaries of ACEX presence in the Baltic region.

ACEX experts visited the biggest freight summit TFS MAKAO 2011


The 4th meeting of the TFS Freight summit – the leading global network conference – has attracted this year almost 400 managing directors and top managers from all over the world.

A new ACEX branch was established in the capital of Ukraine


One more ACEX filial, located in the biggest and strategically important for the network development CIS region – the city of Kiev has been registered in October.

ACEX Group presentation at international WFA Conference in Australia


Top managers of the company made a presentation on ACEX Group opportunities at the annual international transport alliance meeting in Sydney.

Delivery of 36 containers for the Avantex company, leader of the Russian geotextile materials


In September ACEX Group successfully arranged delivery of two production lines with weight equaling to 300 tons from the sea port of Shanghai to the consignee’s warehouse located in the Vladimir region.

Multimodal transportation of oversized equipment is made of ACEX Group


Company ACEX organized multimodal transport 36-ton hydraulic machine for "Pipeline Systems and Technologies" from the port of Shanghai - the port of St. Petersburg - Lobnya - Shchelkovo.

Representative office ACEX Group now is in Kazakhstan


The company ACEX Kazakhstan is registered in May, 2011 in the regional center of Central Asia – Almaty. The new office becomes a link and important transit point between Europe and Asia.

Company ACEX starts a new international web site


The new site of corporation ACEX Group linked up experience of two leaders in transport logistics in Russia and Baltic, starts in November.

ACEX - a new global project on the international logistics market


ACEX, the new joint international project enters the market of global transport logistics since June, 2010.

The Most Needed Product was Sent from Finland to Australia

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