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ACEX manages global projects on delivery of oversized and heavy or non-standard cargoes to door, including performing all formalities related to crossing borders of the countries on the way to destination.

Our specialists are entrusted to arrange project deliveries of high value equipment for or oil and gas industry/ aerospace engineering/ medical/ automotive industry sectors;
ACEX’s broad experience allows arranging deliveries of oversized. Dangerous and other complicated goods. Specialists of ACEX provide to its clients the opportunity to monitor cargoes’ movement, as well as liability insurance and complete information about a cargo along the whole transportation route.

Such complex projects as multimodal delivery of equipment for oil and gas industry, as well as for aerospace engineering, should be entrusted only to professionals and specialists who have solid background and reputation and experience in implementing complex projects.

Projects recently realised


ACEX Group partners in project cargo distribution

Ro Ro lines:


Petrolesport, Trans-Log, FCT (First Container Terminal) SPb, Excise Terminal, Marine Cargo terminal SPb.

Delivery services through Ust-Luga Port

ACEX Group renders delivery services through Ust-Luga port:

-Ro-Ro units and track machines;
-general cargo (equipment);
-containers (with oversized cargo);
-off-gauge load and heavy lifts (more than 25 tons);
-long loads;
-bulk cargo (carbon, carbamide, technical sulphur) etc.

New terminals for cargo handling

Vehicle railroad ferry complex:
The line Ust-Luga — Baltiysk — the ports of Germany ferry communication is the federal project and one of transport corridor "West-East" chains. Ust-Luga ferry complex is more than 8,8 km long and is equipped with railway park consisting of 16 platforms.

Multi-purpose handling terminal Yug-2.

Multi-purpose handling complex (MPC) Yug-2 features Ro-Ro units including new imported cars, container and general cargo. Working at full capacity MPK "Yug-2" will provide cargo receipt, storage and reloading of 4,6 million tons of cargo per year. The estimated capacity of multi-purpose complex vehicle terminal is 450 thousand new foreign cars per year. The launch area of the vehicle terminal is planned for 100 thousand cars.
Warehouse logistics center is built on the territory bordering with MPC Yug-2, Ust-Luga container terminal and vehicle railroad ferry complex.

For any inquiry please kindly contact our Project logistics experts:

Call inside Russia International call 8-800-777-2239 +7(495)120-66-68
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