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ACEX operates more than 70 000 sqm of warehouse facilities in the biggest consolidation hubs of Europe and CIS countries: 5000 sqm in St.-Petersburg, 10000 sqm in Moscow, 1000 sqm in Irkutsk, 45 000 sqm in Vilnius, 3000 sqm in Helsinki, 5000 in Tallinn, 3000 sqm in Magdeburg.

All the warehouse terminals are located close to the airports, sea ports and highways that enables us to apply to simplified logistics patterns and provide extended range of additional services.

Together with our clients we work out an integrated chain management solution and develop suitable patterns of distribution, operation, delivery, Customs clearance and document flow management.

We offer a complete range of warehouse and adjacent services:

  • consolidation of cargoes in the country of departure;
  • consolidation services for EU and transit cargoes coming from all over the world at the warehouses located in Europe and the CIS;
  • Customs warehouse services with issuing and amendment of the Customs and transport documents;
  • Customs warehouse service of long-term cargo bailment including the services of barcoding, marking and sorting;
  • different types of cargo storage, including storage on pallets, on shelves, by cartons (loose small-scale assortment), off-gauge cargoes (oversized and heavy);
  • any kind of cargo handling (packing, repacking, marking and palletizing);
  • loading and unloading of any off-gauge cargoes;
  • sea cargoes adjustment for road and railway transport;
  • dangerous goods handling.

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