ACEX Ukraine goes to the East


Trilateral traffic passes to and from third countries will enable us to deliver cargoes to the most distant regions from anywhere in Europe via Ukraine with full trucks on regular basis.

The main objective of the new scheme of managing the cargo flow offered by the company to its clients involves direct transport links between Europe, Ukraine, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South-Ural and Western Siberian regions of Russia.

This route offers several advantages for our clients:
- transit time is significantly reduced,
- transport costs are significantly lower due to direct rate between the countries,
- round-the-clock tracing of the truck location,
- safety of cargo is guaranteed.

Strong business relationship with commercial and governmental institutions of many countries allow ACEX professionals to make quick decisions on matters concerning the Customs formalities and crossing the frontiers. All international freight is performed by the company in full compliance with laws and regulations of several countries.
Approximate transit time for the proposed scheme is 2-3 weeks. According to S.Chayka, Managing director of Kiev department, in the nearest future there is a great opportunity to increase the number of regular routes to the indicated destinations.


Information about schedule and transit time of trucks on the new routes can be checked with ACEX Ukraine specialists:

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v. Petropavlovskaya Borschchagovka,
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