ACEX Group delivers the most “eco-friendly” wheels in the world


At the InterAuto exhibition 2013 which will be held in Moscow on August, 28-31 the Yokohama RUS company will present the latest technology of tire production which is supremely safe for the environment. As symbol of Blue Earth (Blue Earth is the brand name of the most eco-friendly tires) the exhibition stand with a two-meter plastic wheel on the podium with LED backlight and the image of the world’s seas and continents on its surface will serve.  

ACEX Group

Cargo delivery and customs clearance were arranged by the company Cargo Express which is part of the international transport network ACEX Group.

The cargo departed from Japan on August, 11 and was delivered to the consignee's warehouse in the morning of August, 14. Demonstration wheel was packed in three pieces of total weight amounting to 881 kg. 

Apart from delivery and customs clearance services, the ACEX Group company arranged cargo insurance coverage wherein perils insured covered both delivery to the consignee's warehouse and unloading from the vehicle at the warehouse. 

According to the Head of international air freight department Alexandra Chagina, handling of this cargo was challenging because the Yokohama RUS company passed customs clearance at Sheremetyevo customs post for the first time. 

«“We needed to complete not only customs formalities, but also register our customer as a foreign trade operator in the Customs database. Clients have been very satisfied. We were checked in such a way and we have passed this test with dignity” - confirms Alexandra Chagina 

  Marketing manager of Yokohama RUS Suzuki Motoyoshi promised that all future cargoes consigned as promotional materials will be cleared only by ACEX Group.

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