ACEX Group delivers Russian lasers all over the world


Cargo Express Company, member of ACEX global logistics network, successfully delivered one more consignment of gas-discharge atomic helium-neon lasers to the consignee's warehouse in Leipzig on October 10th. 

ACEX Plazma.jpg Such lasers may be used in inspection technology, heterodyne systems, polygraphic industry, hologramming, medical equipment and other technological and laboratory equipment as sources of coherent monochromatic emission. 

Cargo Express and Russian largest manufacturer of gas-discharge equipment, the production and technology of which is used in 36 countries of the world, have been successfully cooperating for more than 5 years already. 

Irina Mishina, airfreight operations department manager, comments upon peculiarities of high technological equipment transportation: "Debug work scheme gives us advantage in preparing the cargo to transportation long before laser production. At the time of laser production (2-3 weeks), all the delicacies of cargo execution and transportation to destination are agreed upon with the consignee. There is an individual system of payments in each country and different requirements to execution. In the process of work with cargo consignee we find out the way to organize transportation, for example, this may be Freight Collect – the we look for airline company, that performs cargo transportation in Freight Collect. The consignee may require execution of direct air freight bill, and he may not know anything about cargo import clearance, then we involve our agent to this transportation". 

Major air transportations are carried out with steal protection by keeping it at special protected warehouses. Besides, cargos are transported in sealed containers. Insurance is obligatory for all cargos of the company. According to Cargo Express Company's partners, the undoubtful competitive advantages of company's specialists are: the speed of documents execution, the purity of customs clearance, solicitous attitude to fragile and "delicate" cargo, safety and precision of delivery.

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