Transport mass media gives comments on creation of a logistics alliance ACEX


The question whether the degree of state intervention to the market regulation of logistics industry and directly to private business will increase or not, currently causes large interest in mass media. 

GudokHow can public organizations, who are decision makers at government level and private forwarding companies - cargo owners and consignees help each other? 

Miroslav Zolotarev head of an international Associated Cargo Experts alliance (ACEX) was asked this and other questions during a video interview for the online portal «Gudok».  

 According to Miroslav Zolotarev, considering international experience, the state support of business should not occur vertically but horizontally. As a partnership and cooperation, but not instructive control 

In addition to the escalated necessity of transport infrastructure development in modern logistics, creation of logistics supply chains and development of transport hubs, it is necessary to lobby support for industry participants at the level of state authorities. 

Russian international transport alliance was created for this purpose. It will attract to Russia foreign logistics companies seeking partners in Russia, and combine them with the strongest and most reliable Russian regional companies into a serious organization with a competitive prices, technologies and resources.

GudokThe challenge for the nearest year, according to the founders is to unite into an alliance over 100 Russian regional companies with strong positions and technologies in their local markets with the same 100 or more foreign forwarders and cargo owners who have experience, technologies and international operational standards.

«As early as in September of this year we plan to arrange a platform for communication for everyone in Moscow. Now Russian companies won't need to look for the partners abroad, to attend various exhibitions and international conferences, to pay substantial sums for entering foreign alliances. We will invite to Russia those foreign partners, who want to develop business in Russia, who have an opportunity for that, competitive prices and volumes and is ready to bring new business to our country.We also hope to establish in the nearest future cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation and to be able to develop cooperation between authorities and business using the example of our alliance»,- said Miroslav Zolotarev.

You can see the full version of video report on the Publishing Company "Gudok" website.

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