New Way of Cargo Transportation from India to Russia


One of the world leaders among tyre producers for special-purpose means of transport is Balkrishna industries Limited (BKT). The company is an official and exclusive producer of tires for the sport super-show Monster Jam World. 2-3 times per month ACEX specialists execute delivery and customs clearance for cargoes from India to Russia for one of the official distributors of off-road tyres in our country.


Working together from 2013 we have already established a scheme of cargo delivery. Our office ACEX Estonia gets containers with tires from India in the port of Tallinn and delivers cargo to Russia jointly with Alexey Lipatov, multimodal department of ACEX Group. The cargo goes by truck to the customs terminal in Lobnya where it undergoes customs clearance, and then the tires are forwarded to the client’s warehouse.

However, owing to the current economic situation the usual scheme had to be changed. “Due to the rise in the Euro exchange rate we had to adjust the scheme of cargo processing. Cost of road transportation from Tallinn is significantly higher than from any of the Russian ports due to the above mentioned reason,” comments Alexey Lipatov, the Head of multimodal department, ACEX Group, “In April we transported the first container to the port of Novorossiysk. After customs clearance the cargo will be sent directly to the client’s warehouse by road.”

Thanks to the fact that starting from 2014 ACEX Group has been using opportunity to execute remote cargo declaring via CED (Center of Electronic Declaring), process of customs clearance does not require presence of declarant at the customs post of arrival. Customs documents processing will be executed electronically and the clearance will be performed by the inspectors of CED of the Moscow regional customs, but the cargo will be waiting in the Customs zone of Novorossiysk port.

Next batches will be sent under the new scheme, what will enable to decrease costs of transportation and to optimize expenses.

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