Boeing Engines Flew on their Own for Maintenance


The Boeing engines, belonging to one of the Russian airlines, demanded an urgent maintenance service.

“The transportation had to be executed within the shortest period of time and with the smallest financial expenses. The main things for the airline were time, and of course, reasonable price.  That is why the engines flew for maintenance, in the truest sense of the world, on their own. At first the Boeing plane came from Irkutsk to Moscow, where the engines were replaced for further dispatch to the USA,” comments Yuri Lytkin, the expert of multimodal department. 

The delivery consisted of several stages: engines delivery from Irkutsk to Moscow by air without replacement, road delivery from Moscow to Amsterdam after replacement, airfreight delivery from Amsterdam to the USA for maintenance.   

“Our specialists had to deliver the cargo from Moscow to Amsterdam,” says Yuri Lytkin“We offered to the client an optimal price provided by our partners from Belarus which managed to deliver the oversized cargo with the dimensions: 5,40m*2,63m*2,90m. Usually such kind of cargo is processed within 3 weeks, however we managed to decrease this period up to 10 days. As time was the main criterion for the client, besides the cost of delivery, it was necessary to take into account all details and deliver the cargo just to a designated date, otherwise the client could have been fined for the flight delay or cancellation.”

In order to speed up the delivery the whole operational department was engaged in the cargo processing. The customs specialists prepared transit declarations, the head of the customs department assisted in the transit procedures at the Sheremetyevo airport, the specialists of multimodal department organized the delivery of oversized cargo to Europe. 

ACEX Group did its best to return such a necessary plane back into operations as quickly as possible. 

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