ACEX Group Handled Diplomatic Cargo for one of the Embassies in Moscow


ACEX Group in Moscow, has not so much experience of diplomatic freights handling, first of all, because diplomatic representative offices receive preferential terms for customs clearance worldwide, and in our country, they are extremely independent in communication with the customs authorities.

The procedure is always as follows: the Embassy sends the representative to the airport with the power of attorney and the authorization letter after what the cargo is processed and delivered to the point of destination without involvement of a third-party. When the request from ACEX partner from the agency network - the ABC European Air & Sea Cargo Distribution company in Zagreb came searching for assistance in import handling of the equipment for one of the Embassies in Moscow, the practical project implementation was uncertain.

The cargo represented the equipment with the referral letter stating: "The shipment contains 1 piece of official property of the country N".

"When I contacted the representative of the Embassy, it turned out to be that they had no work experience with heavy cargo before as they received only mail and small sendings, - comments Evgenia Vidulina, the coordinator of the agency network.There was a need in the cargo delivery to the building of the Consular department of the Embassy, and they had no load carrying transport as well as personnel the machine unloading and placement of the equipment on the first floor of the Consular Department".

Thanks to joint coordinated actions, the freight was safely brought to Sheremetyevo airport where the Embassy representative received documents and cargo itself, and two employees were already waiting for the cargo near the Consulate for unloading works processing.


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