Center of Multimodal Logistics is in the Reliable Hands of ACEX


Miroslav Zolotarev, the Board Director of the International Logistics Alliance ACEX has been appointed as head of the Multimodal Logistics Center of the Russian-Chinese Chamber.

The process of reforming the Multimodal Logistics Center has been recently completed followed by the decision of the Chamber Secretariat to delegate its logistics functions to the ACEX team, including:

  1. Transport logistics;
  2. Customs clearance processing;
  3. Documentary support of the foreign trade transactions;
  4. Legal support of the foreign economic activity;
  5. Tax planning in the field of the foreign trade activities.
Economically significant projects of the Russian-Chinese Chamber include the following:
  • Construction of a plant producing electricity meters
  • Yaroslavl great manufactory
  • Establishment of a production centre of freeze-dried products
  • Construction of the air cargo terminal in Yaroslavl
  • Creation of innovative, science-intensive, environmentally safe production of tungsten anhydride
  • Development and production of non-destructive testing and automation equipment

The new status of ACEX is an indicator of the Russian-Chinese Chamber trust to the Alliance partners and members who will form the body of the Multimodal Logistics Center by the end of August. Meanwhile the functionality and competence of the Center will be presented at the Eastern Economic Forum on September 12, 2018.

We welcome the ACEX partners, dealing with China, to join the Center and participate in its activities!


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