ACEX Develops Russian Aromamarketing in Asia


A red-ripe juicy apple is falling from an apple tree in the garden, a smell of morning coffee and freshly-baked crunchy bread is in the kitchen, a taste of ginger bread is watering the mouth.

That’s how our body functions; senses of smell and taste form images in our minds. That is the technique used by fragrance manufacturers. ACEX customer is an aroma marketing company that is an expert in selection and development of aromas for businesses; it is also engaged in sales and service maintenance of professional equipment for aromatization of buildings.

Evgeniy RastopchinEvgeniy Rastopchin, sales expert at ACEX Group has brought this customer to the company. “Perfumers create pleasant aromas for offices, restaurants, theatres, museums, stores, beauty salons, hotels, movie theatres and other public places, and upon customer’s request they can create a unique aroma”.

ACEX Moscow has shipped equipment and oils for air aromatization to London in April.

Vladimir TsyntsarDuring our discussions it was figured out that the company had not exported their products abroad before,” as Vladimir Tsyntsar, senior expert at Airfreight Department says, “but now it was time to expand the opportunities and the company’s representatives contacted us”.

The unique feature of the shipment was the fact that aromatic oils are considered to be dangerous goods. It was a peculiarity but not a difficulty.

There are experts at ACEX Moscow that are certified by IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. The goods were packed in full compliance with the recommendations of IATA “Dangerous Goods Regulations” manual.

The next shipment was organized in May – registration and transportation of aromatic oils to Malaysia. And since 27th of May is the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, and it was important to perform the delivery before this date.

Late delivery would break the deadlines and put a slight on the receiver.

The aromas and equipment were delivered on board of Emirates through Dubai to Kuala Lumpur.

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