Cargo from a World of Fantasy


John Ronald Tolkien is the author of the popular book of the XX century that was translated into 38 languages and served as a base for movies shot by Hollywood directors. The Lord of the Rings told us a story about hobbits and gollums, elfs and balrogs.

Мария МосквичеваA sculpture of one of the novel characters called balrog created by an artist from Saint Petersburg was shipped to Washington where it enlarged the collection that belongs to an American fan of fantasy. The balrog weighs around 50 kilos and is pretty large, it is 120 cm wide. And it looks rather creepy.

But experts from ACEX Rostov-on-Don were not frightened; they packaged the cargo, filled in the export declaration and organized transportation of the sculpture.

“We had to apply for the permit from the Ministry of Culture to export the piece of art,” says Maria Moskvicheva, general director of ACEX Rostov-on-Don, “this procedure is obligatory even for the objects of this kind and it is aimed at preventing of export of cultural and historical values overseas”.

Cargoes even from other worlds become reality by the virtue of our colleagues’ expertise and ACEX Group slogan “A potentia ad actum!” that means from possibility to reality.


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