Six Degrees of Separation Theory Tested by ACEX Group


Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul signed an agreement with a Russian manufac­turer for the supply of the three wind lidars.

The manufacturing company is based in Saint Petersburg in just 40 minutes’ drive from the ACEX Saint Petersburg. But the “neigh­bors” met each other through ACEX Group agent in South Korea. It was the company that contacted ACEX Saint Petersburg for assistance in the transportation.

Evgeniy ApasovThe company experts found the air carrier that can meet the requirements of the customer related to the size of the lidars and the minimum number of reloading due to the high cost of the equipment.

“Our representatives helped the shipper to go through the aviation safety inspection be­cause they had questions related to the pres­ence or absence of the batteries in the equip­ment,” Evgeniy Apasov, general director Saint Petersburg office says, “after that the equipment was shipped to Seoul”.

That is how the alliance reduces the six de­grees of separation and leads to the conduct of personal meetings of the logistic companies and freight owners.

We extend our regards to ACEX Saint Petersburg for an active participa­tion in the scientific research and for the new information about lidars.


A wind lidar is a powerful tool used for collection and creation of a database for the airport safety, weather forecast services and monitoring of the environment and ecology.

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