American helicopter was sailed to Russia


A new year present for one of the biggest business centers in Moscow area was delivered by ACEX Group specialists without any difficulties.

Despite “traditional delays” connected with the New Year holidays at the customs points and customs legislation changes the bright and shining helicopter was standing in a hangar at the beginning of January and pleased its owner.

Helicopter manufactured by Florida Suncoast Helicopters Company loading on the vessel "SL CHAMPION" started on December 14, the same day the vessel left Miami port towards Europe. As planned initially the container came to the port of Tallinn on January 7. Due to the possible customs legislation changes there was made a decision to ship the container to a customs post in Russia on January 11. Even taking into consideration customs escort from the border to SVKh the truck with the helicopter was delivered to the customs point in time.

The stamp “Cleared” was put on the customs declaration on the 15th of January. ACEX experts together with the client opened the container and checked the equipment integrity. All helicopter details arrived in perfect condition.

The client is completely satisfied by ACEX specialists work: "We hope that assembly work and helicopter registration for flights across Russia won't take a lot of time and we will see it flying already in February. Your specialists work is performed accurately and in time. The future transportations will no doubt be charged to your company" - the business center administration head confirms.


A serious project of gas generator delivery with the weight of more than 3000 kg for providing about 30 companies of the business center with electricity in case of emergency shutdowns is already in study.



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