Head of ACEX Group multimodal transport department Aleksey Lipatov gave an interview to the magazine "RZD-Partner"


Domestic freight vehicle fleet continues to be updated, but some certain prerequisites are needed for a quantum leap, primarily - the growth of the economy as a whole. There is no catalyst for such growth so far, that’s why not nearly all Russian haulage company's owners will be able to significantly modernize or increase their fleets in the nearest future.

Alexei Lipatov«Disposal charge imposed on the 1st of September 2012 by RF Government Decree № 870, has become very significant restrictive measure for importation of European trucks to the Russian territory. After EU lawsuit to WTO there was made a decision to expand the disposal fee also on the cars produced in Russia,Alexey Lipatov says, – Thus, from the 1st of January 2014 disposal fee is collected from domestic automotive factories producing commercial vehicles. The only difference is that a substantial portion of the fees received by state treasury which was collected from members of the domestic auto industry will be returned back to them.  


According to the Ministry of Finance, in 2014-2016 years incomes from payment of duties by Russian producers will be 383 billion rubles. First of all, the government is ready to allocate 273 billion rubles, to compensate expenses for R & D, production and guarantee obligations support of ecological vehicles of Euro-4 and Euro-5 classes, energy use and job maintenance.  

If domestic producers manage to keep current prices on their products, it is quite probable that they will be in great demand on the domestic market», - Alexey Lipatov told.

Innovative, technological and ecological components of the product are increasingly becoming an indicator of demand and the competition between manufacturers and sellers gets intensive character. This determines the basic requirements for the trucks which will fill Russian roads in the future. 

"The material belongs to the magazine "RZD-Partner"

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