ACEX Delivery Project will Help Resuscitation Patients


The first delivery of CARGO EPRESS (member of ACEX in Irkutsk) is a joint project with CARGO EXPRESS Moscow representative office connected with the delivery of 12 tons of resuscitation beds for the regional hospital in Irkutsk. Each bed weights about 150 kg and is the high-tech equipment for the medical institutions.

The beds were sent by railway road in 1,5 carriages from Moscow to Irkutsk. The specialists of CARGO EXPRESS (member of ACEX) received the cargo on January 11 and delivered it to the destination point, as well as they implemented handling operations.

“It was difficult to organize handling procedures, - comments Vladimir Boyarchuk, the head of CARGO EXPRESS in Irkutsk (member of ACEX), - we had to remove crate from the cargo so that it could be transferred into the hospital building; six people had to carry one bed. It took 3 days to unload the whole cargo as it was necessary to follow the operating schedule of the hospital which was closed for visiting at 16:00.”

Thanks to ACEX Group, the Irkutsk regional hospital will be able to offer advanced services for its patients in the beginning of 2017.


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